The Great Seungri Scandal, the biggest scandal to ever hit Korean entertainment


Warning – This post contains mature content

The biggest scandal to ever hit Korean entertainment. Politicians, celebrities, police, government officials, powerful business owners, and kpop idols, all entangled with this ever complex and growing corrupt syndicate. Prostitution, rape, drugs, bribery, sex tapes , the rabbit hole goes deep, deeper than one could even begin to fathom.
This is… the Great Seungri Scandal.

The timeline of the Seungri scandal, explained

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  1. I understand there have been recent developments in this story.
    A follow-up video will be made if there are any conclusive reports.
    Until then I cannot make a video based on rumors and hearsay without any conclusive evidence or proof.
    As is with this video, nothing was based on my opinion on the matter, I just report the news.

  2. All these guys had so much and some can say that they worked really hard for it. To see them squander it all away because they are inherent sexual deviants is a difficult thing to watch.

  3. actually, Gatsby.. more than a story of greed, its about how ultimately, you can go above and beyond for someone you love, and it won't matter,cause people tend to value what's superficial.

  4. Victims of such disgusting treatmen should sue these so called k-pop artist by taking away their wealth. It's also obvious that women in South Korea have little or no rights against this type of abuse. A culture that makes men the predominant species is not a balanced qi.

  5. For some reason, I feel like all the powerfull people escaped the ring by pointing their hands at seungri since they knew this would get the attention of media. I mean he has like 6% of shares. Seems stupid that he would do all that for this little share. Again, I am not saying he is innocent or anything, just that major and prominent people might have escaped.

  6. Seungri always gave me the wrong vibe since day 1, there was always something negative about about the kid…and he is much darker than i initially suspected

  7. The fact the Media reported the molka chat rooms as seungri's is already a red flag in my book that they were there with a agenda.

  8. Why are they calling it the Seungri scandal when it wasn't all his doings. What about the men in high positions from the Korean society who were involved in this mess. Seungri, Seungri my ass. This shit is way bigger than than Seungri scandal. Do you really think Seungri have that much power to control a whole prostitution ring where they drug and raped women. The korean society needs to stop being naive and delusional thinking that the idols involved in this case are the only culprits. This case is way bigger than what the korean media is letting off, they are only telling the world what they want to hear. Only those who are brain washed would believe the media and their nonsense.🙄✌

  9. Korean fans and media are really something. They keep on hitting and aiming for seungri when the issue is long done. Stop it okay! He is innocent he volunteered to be investigated. If korea does not want seungri to be happy just give him to other countries. We international fans love him so much!


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