5 Great Reasons Why the IPOD is Not Dead. I give my view on the oldie but goodie IPOD. Steve Jobs was a genius when he created the IPOD. I know they’re old now but they changed the music world forever. I might be crazy or might be onto something so let me know. I just saw the movie Baby Driver starring Ansel Elgort Kevin Spacey and Jamie Fox and he has like 30 IPODS in the movie. I think IPODs might make a come back. The IPOD is still alive.I hope Apple doesn’t kill off the Shuffle, NANO, Classic and TOUCH. Stay tuned I’ll be doing a Apple Watch Series 3 update.


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  1. I still use my iPod Classic 120GB, since (long time ago) 2009…and this amazing! I put my headphones walking in the street and home use the iDockstation for the continue are hear the music and charge the battery during to two weeks. I have not been able to use the full memory 120GB, as I still have 53GB space free. iPods are for a lifetime, have yours too.

  2. I have a 4Gb silver iPod nano in mint condition but the battery doesn't work well. Nobody fixes it in my country, the say "it's obsolete. Go and buy a new one" I don't want to buy a new one. These things are awesome, sound great, are easy to use. I agrree with you. I have enjoyed iPod touch 1st and 4th gen, 160GB 7th gen clasic, iPhone 3GS, 4S and 5s, and 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th gen iPod nanos. They all sound great, but the nanos are the best in my opinion for the size, software and convenience.

  3. I still use my iPod 4g, since 2013. This things saved me more than one time at long car drives (12h in a car .-.) and the battery holds 2 week (don't know the correct word). <3


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