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Welcome to the only Sett guide you’ll ever need! Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, it won’t matter because you’ll learn something new by the end!

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  1. Also we did receive some inside information that the loot item called "sett's calling card" will give you the new champion for free. However, just keep in mind that this is only a leak and might not be true.

  2. Sett benefits more from rushing TF in top lane, all the while maxing w first. The cooldown is perfect for Sett and thanks to the low cool down the TF is constantly procking

  3. Played him in urf, and let's just say early game I had to go against an Anne and Lux. So I couldn't do much, but late game I made them regret what they did.

  4. Sad but true! Guess best thing is dodge dodge dodge! Really theres no good answer to this! Darned if you do and darned if you dont I guess!

  5. well everyone build that shit build u recommend no offence i think / i use my own build first item lifesteal then attspeed+ crit and boom just 2 autos and enemys adc is down need more info about build dm <3

  6. Max his Q you say?
    You’re wrong there you’re supposed to max his w first since his kit revolves around it and the korean grandmasters max w and start w first

  7. This is my preference as Sett so yeah may i share it

    Against melee without sophisticated dashes like Zed or Yasuo's

    Cull/Ruby Crystal -> Bami's Cinder/Bramble Vest -> Ninja Tabi -> Tiamat -> Wit's End -> Deadman's Plate -> Sterak's Gage -> Titanic Hydra

    Tho Sett has great potential to clear waves. With Cull, you add up some bonus.

    Wit's End provides you great Offense against Tanks too so you won't need to build Cleaver, you won't also be needing to build Ravenous Hydra with it so later on you can take Titanic. Tiamat's Health Regen is just necessary early. Bami's Cinder if against Melee at Top lane so you can push fast and you can bravely Aggro early. Ninja Tabi if enemy has lots of on-hits or take either Boots of Swiftness or Mercury Treads. Deadman's Plate add ups to Sett's Offensive play style of going head on. Sterak's Gage just provides Sett the aditional Tenacity late game. If Jungler, similar item routes yet Skirmisher Cinderhulk is a must early then proceeds to Deadman's Plate after Tiamat, later on you won't necessarily need boots so you may like to must take that Wit's End too.

    For Runes

    Conqueror/Fleet of Footwork – if at a disadvantage of Mobile Enemies. Taking PTA would just make Sett pitiful for none would dare let him gap closer.
    Triumph – Set sure plays dangerously wih such Stature.
    Tenacity – you would be taking 10% Attack Speed anyway and Conqueror and Revitalize would provide you your health sustain anyway so Potions and Life steal is just not thr necessary, a Rejuvinaing Bead to Tiamat is enough for Sett to stay up in lane early too yet kitable.
    Last Stand – Adds up to his Haymaker's Damage if Enemy have lots of CC or take Coup de Grace instead

    Secondary Rune:

    Demolish – Sett has great thrust to raid boss enemy turrets.

    Revitalize – Bone Plating seems off, Conditioning is if necessity and also Sett has a built-in Doran's Shield; Second Wind Rune Passive.
    Over Growth is also not that great and with Tenacity from Precision page, Unflinching is off. Shield Bash is also not a very good idea because Sett's shield decay fast once Haymaker expends his Grit. Staying in a Fight, you just heal more without needing to built Spirot Visage.

    Future's Market – Sett is a boss, you should be.

    Approach Velocity – If you were reliable enough to commit lane rotation better than your hardstuck mid laner or jungler, and how else can you approach enemies without Ult or Deadman's Plate so you can save up your Knuckle Down? You simply Approach Velocity.

  8. I fought a sett support once in lane and My God that shield is so annoying. Thresh is very good at keeping sett away from your carries.

  9. Not a bad, but not a great guide either. Q max is not recommended, since ur W has a massive cooldown. W max is more useful. Also I wouldn't say he has "good" crowd control, since his crowd control is only good in melee range. His ult is only a slow, nothing too special and his E is kinda hard to land since it's range is so small.
    Trinity first item is good, but only if the enemies are full of squishy targets. Otherwise, Black Cleaver is better, since it allows Sett to survive more damage.
    Other than that, the laning guide is pretty good.

    But keep in mind that he CANT DO ANYTHING against ranged champions. Sett gets kited harder than any champion in this game. You'd expect him to completely own melee champs but what do you need that for when you have Fiora or Riven…This champ is really fun, but he is not as insanely op as everyone makes him out to be. Once he uses his W he is very exposed to damage. His W damage and shield tho? Yes, broken, no comment, but the rest of the abilities (except ult) need buffs.

  10. 1. Why would you max Q first? It has really low scaling (you tend to get more AD later) and the lvl 1 cd is enough for most of trades/all-ins early on. I would suggest maxing W first due to it being the safest and most damaging tool in Sett's kit. And it lowers W cd so you can use it to poke opponents.

    2. Why would you pick the inspiration tree in the first place? For the boots or cookies, when they are unnecessary with Sett's passive? Usually, I tend to pick shield bash because it quite often gives you just enough damage to kill enemies, who would escape (that happened a lot both on live and PBE) and overgrowth to stack more health for W and passive. Also, the stopwatch is for pussies. You are playing one of the manliest men is league, don't be like that, don't use the stopwatch. Don't use the stopwatch.

    3. Triforce? And Tiamat first, really? Triforce is far too expensive and black cleaver gives you 150 hp more (again, scaling your W and passive) and 15 AD more. Also, I want to point out that attack speed is unnecessary for Sett, due to his attack animation has built-in attack reset thanks to his passive (most of the aa-trades are: left>right>Qleft>Qright = boom! a lot of damage in almost no time). Tiamat is not good 1 item on Sett, it gives no ms and no hp for early trades. I would suggest Phage (hp, ms, ad. Also it's cheaper than Tiamat) or even kindlegem (cdr and hp for 800 gold). The other items seem good.

    Well, you should've guessed I enjoy Sett very much. Might become a main of mine, so treat this text wall as my passion, not hating.

    Other parts of the video are good, especially the combo section. Good work!

    Also, if you see some mistakes in text feel free to point them out for this Russian pirate boi

  11. QOTD: I want a fire spirited leader. Maybe with a passive that will inspire minions with a slight stat buff. Make her unique and a strong in laning phase but not to powerful late game.

  12. Rushing Tiamant is key in jungle, and chilling smite. Allows his ganks to be so strong. Q run up to them, chilling smite them, E them easy gank

  13. How does his passive adding hp regen make biscuits stronger? It looks like biscuits are based entirely on missing hp, not hp regen.


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