THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!


In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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  1. Soooooooo, when the platform flies back up at mach 10… do all the plates just slam into the ceiling?

    If so, that's classic 😂

  2. So the correct translation of El Hoyo will be The Hole, not the Platform. In case it helps making up new theories 😛 thx for the video

  3. watched this a couple days ago, and loved it. Reminded me a bit of "Cube", but that movie didn;t really have a message as The Platform does. No subtlety in The Platform's message though it just slaps you in the face with it repeatedly.
    Or maybe it is simply the timing that makes the message so obvious…we're watching so much of this unfold in real time with people hoarding, and Trump and Senators saying that the elderly may have to sacrifice themselves for the good of the economy.
    I loved the Don Quixote (a favourite high school read of mine) references throughout the film but felt they were there, just in case the film wasn't being clear enuff, but if your're familiar with Quixote, you got the message already for Pete's sake!!
    I found that lack of subtlety to be the one problem with the film. I prefer the viewer to be credited with a modicum of intelligence. (which is also why I rarely click on "explained" channels, if you need an explanation for a piece of media, maybe you should watch it again instead of expecting to be spoon fed!!)
    Regardless, as a review, rather than an 'explanation', I enjoyed your post very much.
    Oh, and I would have requested an Indian mutton Byriani or a Sri Lankan Eggplant curry.

  4. Why doesn't everyone just jump on the platform, go all the way to the bottom and then get sent to level 0? Its not like they have anything to lose if they're just gonna die from starvation anyways

  5. I definitely believe that the little girl was an halucination, and when you reach the bottom, you can't go deeper. He realized that the platform won't go up if someone step on it, and so he abandon the ship and die alone. The food was an interesting message, and to be honest I even expected a clean mecanism that flush away the platform anyway, that makes the administration never hear about any attent of message. I love that even if you do a good ratio, you cannot properly feed 666 people anyway. This means something very morbid: even if you share your part, just as showing the good behavior, ignoring if people will help you or not (I turn off tap water when I brush my teeth, even if it doesn't make a difference, I do my part, at least), there is still not enough food for everyone clearly. The message is incredibly dark: You are fucked.

  6. They could've just put a dead body on the platform, they will definitely would've taken some action, if they did not know

  7. One thought that I had while watching this movie: People who were in the last rooms, especially 333, couldn't they just go onto the platform within the 1st days and go up without starving?

  8. The mom protects and feeds the child which is why the child survives, the child doesn’t have a prison mate which makes it a secret and is the perfect set up cause the mom becomes the crazy lady.
    Remember that the mom kills on her way down, the child is on the lowest level so they need to feed off of the corpses.
    About what happens below 333 I don’t know nor do I know what happens when the child reaches level zero… that’s up for interpretation.

  9. The child is the message because once he reaches level zero it would lead people on that level to conclude that the child had made all the way to the bottom and has come back up. Since the platform zips past very fast on its way up the child has to have gone all the way down if he were to have climbed on it on any random level. This means that inspite of the starvation and death the people at the bottom were certainly facing, they have decided to spare the child's life. This underscores the fact that humanity is still alive and not completely forsaken. People would rather choose starvation that eating a child.

    This is quite similar to snowpiercer when Gary Oldman's helps awaken the humanity in the people of the last compartment by cutting off his own limb and offering it to be eaten in exchange for sparing the child's life.

  10. this is clearly a message about socialism, which we are experiencing now. Work grinds to a halt, grocery stores run low, waiting on govt checks (2 equal amounts), banning guns and ammo. Don't change my mind, change your own. For all you bernie fans. Also, look at countries like Italy with open boarders.

  11. The thing is, what they see on the last floor is definitely not real. Baharat is already dead on that floor because of his very bad wounds and our guy is just hallucinating. This is also the reason why the room doesn't get cold or hot because they actually didn't give any food to anyone. The girl is just a hallucination too. The ending scene is just happening in his head and he is dying. The only real thing is that they really kept the dessert and it made it to the top. Somewhere in the movie before these last scenes we actually see the chef being all mad about the cake being sent back up without being touched. This shows us they definitely did not get the "message", they took the "message" differently.


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