THE RAPTOR ARMY | Nomadic Survival Episode 2 | ARK Survival Evolved Mobile


Taming a bunch of protectors for the bronto!

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  1. Let me tell you a funny story so I was riding cookie she was like lvl 25 or something then a sarco was behind me and it was going to kill me.(cookie is a raptor)I was running away from the sarco and guess what cookie killed the sarco

  2. l think you should name every single one “craptor” since raptors are pretty trash or atleast they are in my world

  3. I kill a tribe of raptors with a Dilo army with many triplets, I started that army when I was a noob until I got to level 100 I have no idea how many I have now.

  4. Do you know why that stego didn’t give you any prime meat because you were using a hatchet you need to use a pickaxe

  5. You can surprisingly get prime meat from baby animals too like from a baby dodo that I cough cough accidentally starved idk about any other baby animals but the dodo Xd

  6. 3:22 if you starve tame raptors you don't need as much meat to tame them. Just keep it nocked out and wait for the hunger bar to be at half or lower for the best results of starve taming.

  7. Haha now implaying that game even im still newbie cuz i just playing it 2 days now and my 1st game i choose the hardcore mode and brutal mode and
    And that F*ck*ng Carno just killed me that i didnt do anything i dont know the mrchanics of this game and i dont know how to survive and tame too im still noob

  8. If the bronto gets too far away, use the request system, it’s not cheating, it’s just so that you’re effort would not be wasted, since it’s just dumb if you spent stuff you grinded for and you can’t have it just cause the bronto is too far, I mean, you should probably stop the bronto for taming since it would be WAY more fair, but if you don’t want to use that, at least after you leave them, go to your’e stat screen, press Dinos, see if it tamed while you couldn’t be near it and if it did, then request it, especially because if you can’t get to it it will starve and that’s just sad

  9. I already commented this on the other video, but it doesn't hurt to do it again. Strawberry Sundae for the bronto's name because of the colour scheme.

  10. Hey Schwalbe, I’ve recently been trying to tame a quetzal by the method on your taming video, but I ended up giving it a rest after I couldn’t find a decent level after so many tries, so anyway a little while has passed and I’m playing again and I come across a near max level and I quickly fly back to base to get my taming stuff, I come back and it just disappeared, I’ve done the trick to spawn a new one, even killing myself and re-spawning somewhere random and ran back and still nothing, do you have any ideas on how I can get them to spawn again as I wanna give it another go


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