The Road to Seoul-Asia′s Models Enchant the World′s Runways 아시아의 모델, 런웨이를 사로잡다


The world′s runways have heated up with Asian fashion models taking on the challenge of becoming a top model. There are those that have helped Asia shed the old moniker of ′developing fashion continent′ to become the new fashion capital. We′ll introduce Asia′s models, who are soaring to the top, as well as the people responsible for producing them.
Asia′s Models Enchant the World′s Runways
The world′s modeling industry used to be dominated by the Caucasian for a long time. However, thanks to the influence of Orientalism and minimalism, Asian models are being seen in a new light. In addition, since the purchasing power of Asians has increased enormously, more brands are targeting the Asian market by employing Asian models. On top of that, 20% of the products of high-end brands are sold in the Chinese market, resulting in the brands hiring Chinese models to specifically target that market. Then, Korean models broke the stereotype that all Asian models look the same with their distinct charming appeals.

Modeling Academies in Asia
The craze of modeling academies is hitting Asia. Malaysia′s top model Amber Chia opened a modeling academy named after herself and educates young, aspiring models for a bright fashion future for Malaysia. She doesn′t only teach how to walk and pose, but also how to sing, act and dance so that the students can become multi-entertainers.

TV Programs Produce Models
″America′s Next Top Model″ is an American reality television series and interactive competition that premiered in 2003. The franchise was brought to Korea in 2010 and has been producing many promising rookie models. This episode follows the story of Model Choi So-ra, the winner of ″Korea′s Next Top Model Cycle 3″, as well as the production crew that produces a stepping-stone for many aspiring models.

Korea′s Leading Modeling Agency
The Korean Wave took the Asian modeling industry by storm as well. Korea′s leading modeling agency ESteem recently celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding. Many world-renowned models, including Hye Park, Han Hye-jin, Lee Hyun-yi, Song Kyung-ah, Lee Hye-jung, Park Ji-hye, Soo Joo and Kim Sung-hee gathered together to shoot the agency′s commemorative pictorial. ESteem is respected and considered a benchmark for modeling agencies not only in Korea, but all across Asia. They support the models′ dreams, and plan various projects to build and diversity the models′ images. As part of their project, rookie model Irene presented diverse events at 2014 New York Fashion Week, and conveyed the hot atmosphere of the Fashion Week through her SNS.
Asian models have enchanted the world′s runways. Now, they′re making their mark in the history of the fashion industry.

세계의 런웨이를 뜨겁게 달구고 있는 아시아의 패션모델들.
그들이 패션의 변방에서 중심으로 힘차게 도약할 수 있었던 힘은 무엇일까? 아시아 패션의 새로운 길을 만들어가는 모델들과 그들을 탄생시킨 보이지 않는 손, 아시아의 모델 메이커들을 소개한다.
# 아시아의 모델, 런웨이를 사로잡다
세계 모델시장은 전통적으로 북미·서유럽 출신 백인들의 독무대였다.
하지만 2천 년 대 들어 오리엔탈리즘과 미니멀리즘이 유행하면서, 세계의 패

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