The Second World War: On a Wing and a Prayer


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Presented by Richard Todd, this film portrays the story of RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War. Beginning with its birth as a fledging arm of the Force in WWI, throughout its development between the wars, its rapid expansion at the outbreak of WWII and a complete insight into the strategy, tactics, personnel, aircraft and operations during the conflict.

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  1. Thank you for posting. I sit my 12- and 16-year grandsons down and insist they watch these video reports. A first person report makes an impact. With all the social-media man bashing I want my grandsons to know they have a duty to honor their own manhood no matter the situation and the risk. These men are absolutely the epitome of duty and honor.

  2. Are we now so politically correct that we have to re-write history? There were no women flying in Bomber Command (2:02), just men. For heaven's sake!

  3. The pilots and crew didn't care about politics- what they did required courage. A bunch of arm-chair warriors want to call them names as IF Germany didn't get what they had coming to them for starting a war and backing a lunatic. One thing I would like to do, though- hold the old guys down and trim their eyebrows! WHY do old men think it's OK to go around like that? Some will trim their nose/ear hair but still look like owls with those wild eyebrows….OK- sorry.. now back to the WAR comments…

  4. as it turns out Churchill was put in place by the banks as was Hitler and the other shower of shite, never in the field of human conflict were so many conned by so few, Churchill was used to form a group called the focus group, made up of dissident MPs to cause a war with Germany before this group existed WC never said a word about Hitler, and he was only ever in London for 1 air raid, and we are still falling for the same old trick, why should the people who don't take part in a war chang a winning formula? if you want to end war take out the profit.

  5. The "men and women of Bomber Command were to make their supreme sacrifice". What? Have I missed something here? How many of the 55,000 Bomber Command aircrew killed over Europe were women?

  6. The video fails to mention that the unfit for purpose Short Stirling heavy bomber was still being flown on bombing raids and mine laying up to 1944.The underpowered aircraft could not climb to a reasonable height to bomb from and many were bombed by Lancasters and Halifaxes overhead.Their crews knew they were deficient but went anyway.My cousin WO Pilot C Phillips and his crew,of 90 Squadron, flew a Stirling on a raid on Nuremburg on the night of 27/28 August 1943.They all perished except for the rear gunner who became a POW.

  7. Most of the mass killing since 1945 has been committed by communist mobs trying to liberate their countries from Western influence. A third of the world's population lives in terror and poverty under the benevolent guidance of these psychos. WW2 was mostly white people settling their own grievances and old vendettas. The bomb finally ended the notion of 'noble and just' wars between Western nations. Let's hope we never have another one.

  8. YES! All of the American & English bomber-crews were all 'true heroes'…bombing men/women/children/ and infants in Cities/Towns/and Villages…almost all of which had no contribution to Germany's war efforts at all and did not 'shorten the War' by so much as a single hour

  9. I heard a story of lowly Defiants doing night patrol around German airfields in France. They would pop up in front of the cockpit during landing approach blasting with four turret mount .303s right in the German pilots faces. How utterly horrific to be surprise killed just before you touch down at home. How do you go on after seeing that?

  10. 50:50 – pls see, if you can, pictures of Polish capital city of Warsaw after 1944' Warsaw Uprising… not 50 000, but 4 times more people had been killed, and most of them civilians… Now – I'm from Warsaw, and I've been to Dresden – It's amiracle these two cities raised up from ashes, and from human tragedies…

  11. Pro Tip: Whenever that old guy in the chair is shown, just increase the playback speed to 1.25 or 1.5 This makes those portions way more interesting and easy to understand. How cow, that guy talks slow!

  12. History (and propaganda) may know him as 'bomber' Harris but the members of Bomber Command always referred to him as 'Butcher' Harris' a reference to their high losses, and the fact that 'murdering German women and children in their beds' always seemed to be more important to him than his own mens' lives.

    From bombing undefended villages in Iraq (Mesopotamia) in the 1920s through to the area bombing of Germany he was a self publicist determined to prove his theory that bombing alone could win wars (he told the British government that Germany would end up begging for surrender without it being necessary to attack with any ground forces).

    In order to 'prove' this he sent crews on virtually 'suicide' missions in under equipped machines (or, in the case of the Cologne '1,000 bomber raid) obsolete training aircraft to make up the numbers. Many of my relatives served in bomber Command. No one can doubt their courage (and that of all the crews) but of the very few survivors not one of them supported a statue being erected to Harris, he was a murderer, not only of the enemy but also of his own men.

  13. people should realize the war wasn't started by the allies! would the sympathetic people rather be speaking Nazi German and living under the Gestapo? would heydrich Himmler have made a good vice president? no one had any choice except to stop them. as far as the women and children, looking at the death camps, what do you see?

  14. But what happened to the Germans, not the Nazis who are trying to defend their homeland? They die indiscriminately and nobody remembers about them who were trying to defend their home country! This is From an American polish person, how sad, how bad, we don’t know what to say. Except to GOD BLESS THE TRUE BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR AMEN. GOD BLESS THE GERMANS WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, AMEN!

  15. War. Just one part of the human experience that should convince you breeding is a bad idea for all involved. But most of us wil happily ignore it and keep feeding into the circle of suffering, death and destruction. Fuck you parents.

  16. In 1945 the Second World Satanic Feast was over. It resulted in fifty million people dead, and many others crippled, deported, homeless, orphaned, and heavily depressed – plus huge devastations. The Еvil Оne was very, very pleased.

    Even today, however, few people realize that the real cause of the apocalyptic tragedy was spiritual. Decades before the war, most of the Russians and Germans left Jesus Christ/His teaching and followed their false prophets (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels ..). These strong and gifted nations were deceived by speeches, slogans, mottos and social baits. They neglected the warning of the apostle: "Do not trust any and every spirit, my friends; test the spirits, to see whether they are from God, for among those who have gone out into the world there are many prophets falsely inspired." .
    The state ideology of the USSR became militant atheism, that of Nazi Germany – demonic icy occultism. At that time still another country was fallen into a heavy idolatry – the Japanese worshipped their emperor as a god, persecuted, even killed Christians.

    As a result Satan involved them all and the rest of the world in a deadly war. At the end God, blessed be His Name, gave the victory to the allied, nonaggressive countries. "All who take the sword will die by the sword," had said Jesus to those who have ears.

  17. When will people understand that deflecting criticism by pointing the other way and saying "look they did worse shit than us!" is a piss weak excuse. It really spoils the great stories these brave old men have to tell.
    All wars are dirty and both sides regarded life as pretty cheap. You do what you gotta do and that's that. No excuses.

  18. This vid had the potential of being very good, alas, with such pitiful editing it belongs in the scrap/trash bin such things as music drowning out commentary, superimposed talking-heads over rare footage, sound drifting in and out, thus a poor effort that is rewarded with a Thumbs- Down!!!


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