The Vietnam Food vlog ft. The BEST Bánh Mì in Hoi An


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Hello! I hope you have some food ready because you’ll want to eat with us on this episode.
We visit the Marble mountains, Hoi An and try out their delicious Vietnamese foods.

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Let us know which country you’ll like us to visit next!

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  1. I never realise that people from different parts of Australia have different accents. Dalena has a really pronounced Melbourne accent!

  2. What is up with your pronunciation of Viet place names? Da Nung, Viet Narrrmm and now Hoy Arrrnn. Just ask a local and stop talking like yanks.

  3. I have been to Ba Duong restaurant. It’s over rated. The food quality is just ok. My mom makes better banh xeo. Actually, there are so many restaurants that make better banh xeo than this restaurant. Save ur money and go somewhere else to eat

  4. So weird how i'm watching this now and i was sat at the exact table in the exact shop when i was in Vietnam a few years ago

  5. u say the banh mi is different from back in Australia but you dont explain how its different????? refine your content guys or its just gonna be 30 min of looking at the both of you walk, talk and eat. unless thats the objective. zzzz

  6. How come you guys never feed the stray dogs? When I go to poor countries and see a stray, I always feed them some of my meat and they follow me everywhere after. They can be a bit aggressive at first and might even bite you but after you give them some meat, they love you for life.


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