Top 10 Badminton Rackets 2019 [Pro Badminton™] Official


°Best Badminton Rackets of 2018 – 2019.
°Choice of professional players around the world.
°Including the latest releases of the year.
°Rackets selected by the World Class Players across the globe.
°Ranking based on technologies, price and many more factors.

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  1. Is voltric lindan force more modern than voltric z force II lindan. Hope to hear your answer because Im wondering these two to buy

  2. Hello, i am an intermediate badminton player, could you please recommend me a lightweight racquet but have that good attack and good speed for smash, i usually play for double. my previous racquet is Carbonex sp21 and i really hate that because it is very heavy to handle. Any reccomendations? Thankyou 🙂

  3. Recently I just bought an astrox 99 and I have to say I made a mistake by purchasing it, i bought the 4u one instead of the 3u. Do u guys think it is gonna effect my performance as a single player

  4. Hello I’m a 13 year old casual. Do you have any tips on rackets that I can stop balls with and shoot long shots. I don’t have any problems besides that so do you have any tips? It’s only a month until christmas so please answer as soon as possible! Thank you 🙂

    Edit: Is the number 1 the best and number 10 the worst?

  5. I had an 88d it broke while playing, after which I laid my hands on 68s, my smashes seem to not have the same kind of power, considering to upgrade to better racquet, which one u suggest 88d or duro10 or duro z force2 or any Li Ning or any other brand under 11k for doubles games

  6. Need help
    Is Apacs Z Ziggler a good racquet for an amateur/semi-pro 15 year old player who likes to play at the back (smashing and dropping shots) ? If not, what racquet is recommended?


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