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Can you rest easy using only this for your security? In our review of Total AV antivirus, find out if it will provide you with the protection you need.

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  1. This product is so dodgy. Any suggestions on how I report this company to any governing body. I have 100% proof on how fraudulent this product is. Please no one ever buy it.

  2. Absolutely professional subjective presentation -even if it includes some marketing. I worked with many virus protection apps before and found this one really enjoying, secure (so far) and easy to deal with. The price they have for what they offer is amazing too.

  3. Do not install totallav -they will install virus and after uninstall this shitt u will loose everything on your computer. Yesterday it happened with me!!!

  4. Doesn't windows 10.1 already have their own real time security ,working in the background, ( negating any need for other protection) or am I wrong on that one?

  5. At first I though this video would be consumer friendly but.. I just found out about Totalav from site that advertised link to Totalav site to buy Android app for $3 Total with CEO stating he was doing it coz he cares about all those unprotected phones. So straight away I did my own search and found link to same version but for free and not talk about philanthropy lol.. Same search got this vid that I played while reading. Why I don't like video?
    1) This guy links to same link I found internally on their site but claims he couldn't (may be he used desktop n page is for mobile)
    2) By end of his video I had read multiple objective reviews by my trusted tech sites and they all were much harsher explaining even free version is not good deal as it lowers 100% success on known malware (from every other main player) including Avira, their supplier, to 94%. Terrible zero day, many extra pricing plans and even 5person yr for $59 is only for first year and auto ups to $160 which is not a good recommendation by this video reviewer.

  6. I'll bet my paycheck this is not a valid review this is an advertisement. I've had five computer customers accidentally get this product. Aside from not doing any kind of live scan antivirus for free as they imply, it also modifies the registry in Windows to block the user from controlling their Windows Defender, and it does not remove that block when you uninstall total AV. That makes it scamware in my book ! I had to go in and remove that line in the registry to get back control and be able to have Windows defender take over and scam. Bunch of bull ship! Then of course there are the numerous Better Business Bureau complaints of people getting all kinds of random credit card charges that they didn't authorize…no thanks.

  7. This is a salesman was paid for his work sounds and feels like an infomercial. Just another scam, find a reputable company to do business with.

  8. At the time that I send this comment. I used Total AV, used the virus scanner and now. It has taken 2 days and it is an inch away from finishing the first scan. Is there any ideas as to why it’s taking this long to scan?

  9. I have had it with automatic crap from antiviruses any antivirus that decides what's good and what's bad without allowing me to have a final say can get lost as far as I am concerned.
    In my experience these softwares have a tenedency to delete genuine files and leave the real threats.

    For me the real threats are Microsoft / Google / Facebook etc… and all the giant corporations especially the antivirus companies themselves, I will take my chances, I learnt not to leave anything of importance on any of these devices.
    I use Linux computers with a built in antivirus and firewall that i can tweak to my likings.
    I won't use these antiviruses even for free, think about it who the hell are they for me to trust them?
    Be aware and very careful
    They are the ones with big labs and money to try and spy on you not the average guy in the street.

  10. Gave me a virus!!! I tried to buy it, they charged me 3 times, 45 dollars! I was so angry! They did refund me, but I had to wait nearly a full week! Don't buy, don't download, the virus is still hacking me!

  11. Helped to satisfy my decision to go for the AV. The only thing w/no offense whatso….but that music in background was starting to get hairy.

  12. I downloaded something to give remote access to my laptop an 800 number because I got a pop up saying I have a virus. would total av help me keep those people from remote accessing my laptop again

  13. What kind of antivirus provider makes a version of their antivirus software that has no real time protection on it? This is only a free cleaning app. That’s literally all. Also, your customer service is severely lacking.

  14. admit it this isn't a review it's a paid ad for Total AV and your their spokes person. every one knows Bitdefender is currently ranked number 1 among the antivirus right now!

  15. Beating the built in protection that you find in browsers like Chrome? That's funny because Chrome is currently Ranked as the most secure browser right now! That's not an accolade Chrome has always enjoyed. used to be Firefox was the most secure browser!

  16. TotalAV is bad! i used the paid version and it caused problems with my PC and wouldnt work properly as an AV program. Plus, when I uninstalled it I still have problems with programs on my PC. After numerous Malwarebytes scans I still cant find out what TotalAV did to my PC.


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