UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Made Easy


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UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Made Easy

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UpdraftPlus is a simple WordPress backup plugin that allows you to do manual backups, scheduled backups and backup to a remote location. Remote locations include Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive and more. And that’s all with the free version of the plugin.

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  2. Ok one question here, do we need enough traffic coming to our site for the this plugin to backup the site? This is because I get a message in Updraft dashboard that says that my site cannot be backed up as I have low traffic.
    Please guide me. Thanks.

  3. is ther any limit on size of website in wordpress
    The backup attempt has finished, apparently unsuccessfully this erro is comig while backup?
    can u ask me reason

  4. Hi Bjorn ! new to your channel, loving it and subscribed.
    I have a question, I would like to ask,

    Does wordpress require a Plugin or Theme or Both in order for me to Offer extra options for users / members. Such as Click and Drops / extra Design options for their profiles / or something like wixx / square space / etc etc etc. essentially usable software for members, such as how youtube offers cut/edit/trim/subtitles in your studio.

    I hope i am asking this correctly, because i can not seem to find anything on this subject.
    I am essentially looking for a easy and straight forward way to offer " extra design options " for members,
    i do not know the official name or title of this, hence using wixx / square space / youtube as an example.

    the best way to describe what i am asking is,
    do i require Plugin or Theme for Members to Use software on the front end on my site,
    on their profiles or as a option / capability etc, etc.
    Thank you very much, keep up the awesomeness !


  5. I have a question Please
    If the plug-in doesn't work
    Can i take the folder (updraft backup)from google drive and upload to the server of hosting (bluehost)
    Is it work ?

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm new(ish) to WordPress – you suggest at the beginning of the video to make a backup of your site before installing the Updraft plugin…please can you tell me how to do that? I have used Updraft before, but don't know how to backup before installing the backup plugin! Thanks 🙂

  7. I have a question only my website is not reachable
    I try ipconfig from cmd satrt wnd …to reset and renew ip … Dns but it still like this and when i use dns i can't login it to cpanel and wordpress just by vpn

  8. Hi thanks— great tutorial but I am severely challenged so would you be able to show how to save the backup to dropbox and FTP -thanks so much


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