Use an External Camera to Live Stream on Facebook or Youtube, PC or MAC – OBS Walkthrough


Use an external camera to live stream on Facebook Live or YouTube. This setup will work on a PC or MAC, and works with just about any camera. A lot of new technology has come along since my last video about how to live stream with an external camera. In this video I will show you my recommended setup for live streaming!

Canon VIXIA R800:
The TRIPOD I recommend:

Video Switchers
ATEM Television Studio HD:
ATEM Television Studio Pro:
ATEM Production Studio 4k:
ATEM Broadcast Studio 2ME:


Mac for live streaming:
PC for live streaming:

If you start with the U-tap SDI version but have an HDMI camera…
AJA HD5 HDMI-to-SDI Converter:
BMD HDMI-to-SDI Converter:

Choosing a camera for live streaming

Setting up a multi-camera live stream


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  1. A new way to multi-camera live stream with OBS:
    Also, my favorite video interface:

  2. Hello There! I just got the Blackmagic utrastudio minirecorder to add my DSLR to my live streams. Facebok see the Blackmagic but does not show the live image, a black screen instead or nothing. I do see the image in quicktime… I am not using OBS or any encoding software could this be why? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Mr. Ballast – I am using MXlight software, can you livestream both Facebook Live and Youtube Live simultaneously? You had an instructional youtube video on MXlight, is that still available?

  4. Is this AJA U-Tap device worth the $100 difference from the your older video featuring the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder – Thunderbolt?

  5. Can you please do a video on how to wire multi cameras at church to the back of the church, where the computer and video converter is located. 1 Camera at the back of church, Facing Front, 1 camera at the front facing crowd. 1 close up camera TBC location

  6. unfortunately the AJA U-TAP HDMI to USB device is unavailable right now. I bought a cheep webcam to see what i would be like. Should have just got the AJA U-TAP for video capture!

  7. Hey! Thanks a lot for your videos. We have a Nikon d810 DSLR, Roland XS-1HD, Samsung Monitor, Ultrastudio mini recorder and a macbook pro with OBS software. Everything seems to work, i can plug my camera to Xs1 and get picture out to my monitor. I can also plug the camera straight to mini recorder and get picture to OBS. But when i plug the camera to Xs1 and then try to output it to mini recorder nothing comes through. I can see my mini recorder software reacting (changing some hdmi values when i switch camera on and off)  but cannot get the picture even though at the same time it comes out from another XS1 output to my monitor. Any idea how to fix this?

  8. Hello, thank you for such a great detailed video. I plan to livestream to Facebook and YouTube. I have a Cannon Vixia HF R400. Have a couple of questions. 1) Would the the R400 work? 2) I do not have a i5 PC with 8GB of RAM, would this work? Thank you.

  9. We set up with a Canon XA11, Blackmagic HDMI to SDI, and the Aja utap SDI then to the computer to use OBS. Now we are trying to add another camera and would like to add a second distribution route (we use youtube through OBS and would like to add facebook live). Do you have recommendations?

  10. We wanted to live stream this Sunday. We are running into an issue with our external Canon XA10 camera. We have XLR cables sending sound to the camera. We are using HDMI output to an AJA uTap box to connect to our Win 10 PC and using OBS. We are getting mic/aux feedback in OBS and therefore in our live streaming and recording. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Until we figure this out, it will be necessary to pre-record the service.

  11. Stephen, thank you so much for your videos. This video almost describes our churches setup. We use two utaps, one that feeds in from the canon, and the other gets the easy worship feed from another pc. We run sound from our soundboard and I also use the camera 's sound to add some congregation sound. We use obs and just started running so we can get yt and FB.

    My question. We are upgrading from a 2 MBS upload to a 10 MBS upload. Do I have to increase all the rates by 5x or add 8 to the rates?

  12. Thanks, this video help a lot. I have a Canon XA40. I can get a clear streaming video except for one thing. The record indicator at the top of the screen remains on. Is there any way I can turn that off? Also if I'm not recording, a small white square remains in the place of the red dot.

  13. So if i want to audio from my sound board and my camera has a audio input

    1. Can Just directly connect and will the audio automatically sink?

    2. If so, what would i need to connect to my sound board?



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