‘We won’t blame Adrian’ | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference | Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid


Jurgen Klopp’s full post-match press conference from Anfield following Liverpool’s 3-2 defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

Atletico scored three goals in extra-time to secure a 4-2 aggregate victory and knock Liverpool, the defending champions, out of the competition.

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  1. I’m a juventus fan,
    We al are happy for this result
    But they r winning premier league in a fantastic way
    Won champions last year then runners up before
    What do u need more than this
    All our personal liked teams current position are below than them
    Respect your opponent

  2. Klopp on Atleti: .."about the way they play.. I just don't get it.. I don't get it.." Well, that is the problem!.. That is why CrazyClopp got beaten, he does not understand modern, contemporary football. He is still back in the 19th Century. He has only one plan, he can not adopt, he has no new ideas. Not long ago he was mocking teams playing long balls, but now, that is all he does. LFC has scored the more headed goals than any other PL league side this season. He can not complain, this team is his team, he spent over 420 million to get his players… Just a sore loser..

  3. If we played the game a week later like man city. It would have been postponed. Then Allison would have been fit instead of having to play with that muppet in goal

  4. Think klopp deserves our respect he's such a man and human being we need to do something about Adrian so you still need to support Liverpool good or bad klopp still my man good luck 🐸🍀🐸💚💚🍀🐸💚💯❤️♥️🔴❤️🌹🙏

  5. Liverpool – 34 shots, 11 on Target … … 2 Goals
    Atletico – 10 Shots, 6 on Target … … 3 Goals
    Wasn't Our Night.
    Also, Adrian, brilliant for 90 minutes. The rest we'll try and forget. At least it wasn't Calamity Karius levels.

    1. ADRIAN should be blamed for all neglegence he did .
    2. JURGEN should be blamed for substituting players who held up well like a man who played well and covered all Adrian mistakes Henderson …. We all knows Adrian used to pass to open places and Hendo always was there to receive and clear the ball….. Once more Van Dijk was helping to attack , and Hendo took coverage too ….. So substituting Hendo made Atletico play and attacking , eventually win the ball in attacking half. Also substituting Gini who was playing well his rules and was in his performance …… He scored the first goal and assisting the second one….seems like he had impacts in a game .
    3. TECHNICAL BENCH should be blamed for not advising Jurgen on subtitute.
    ALL IN ALL , THAT A GAME AND WE SHALL COME AGAIN . WE ARE LIVERPOOL . LETS FOCUS ON EPL FOR NOW. congratulation to all , for all. I boy from Dar es salaam Tanzania 🇹🇿

  7. Jurgen Klopp vai chora no vestiário po! os estilo de jogo do time atl madri … chuto vcs fora … seu lixo Jurgen Klopp chorão!

  8. Looks like years of running at 100 mph has caught up with the Liverpool players and just like city they have had there style sussed out .

  9. Stupid video. Can't hear the questions as there is no direct mic near the questioner. More annoying still is the low max volume of Klopp's audio. He isn't a loud speaker at the best of times so it's wise to leave more scope for volume increase in his videos.

  10. Well he said so himself. He doesn't get how Atlético playa. That's why they lost. That's a strong statement. He just said he can't figure out how to beat Atlético.

  11. Nevermind if we play like we did against A madrid God help Everton apart from losing we played brilliant back to our best ynwa

  12. Uhhh excuse me.but I do blame adrian . His mistake led to a goal and then once again his dives that occur in stages isnt good enough. The keeper literally is too slow to reach. Basic saves makea it look difficult . He does however save the ones he has no right saving.

  13. #PoorDefending! I do not blamed the GK alone the defenders should stop the atletico players before those players go near the goal posts!

  14. BS. He has to say that. Everyone knows it was that thick cunts fault. Put your laces through it. If they don't score that goal they don't score.


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