Where Are iPhone or iPad Backups Stored on PC?


This video shows you how to find where iPhone and iPad iTunes backups are stored on your PC.

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Video Transcript:
If you don’t want to pay for Apple’s iCloud storage, you can always back up your iPhone or iPad for free using iTunes. You’ll want to know where these backups are located on your PC so you can delete older backups if they start to take up too much space, or so you can copy them off somewhere else if you want to back them up.

Now let’s walk through how to find where iPhone and iPad backups are stored on your computer.

Step 1. Launch File Explorer on your computer.

Step 2. Enter “%appdata%” in the navigation bar along the top of the window and then press “Enter.” You’ll arrive at a Roaming folder. Alternatively, if you downloaded iTunes from the App Store and not from the Apple website, you’ll need to enter “%userprofile%” in the search bar and hit enter. You’ll similarly arrive at the Roaming folder.

Step 3. Click to open either the “Apple” or “Apple Computer” folder. What you see will be different based on where you downloaded iTunes from. The Apple or Apple Computer folder opens on your screen.

Step 4. Click to open the “MobileSync” folder. The MobileSync folder window appears.

Step 5. Click to open the “Backup” folder. Your list of current iPhone or iPad backups will be displayed.




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