Where Is Kim Jong-un? How Experts Track North Korea’s Leader | NYT News


Rumors are swirling about Kim Jong-un’s location and health. These North Korea experts showed us how they collect information about his secretive regime.

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  1. Hi all, I am one of the reporters who worked on this video.

    With so many rumors circulating about Kim Jong-un, we didn't want to add more speculation. Instead, we wanted to explore what North Korea experts and observers are doing to keep track of developments in this secretive country.

    Direct access for independent observers such as journalists is highly restricted in North Korea. So what can be done? First, there are satellite images to track motorcades, trains, planes, or ships. This technology also allows us to look at activity at the residences of Kim Jong-un.

    Further, experts also look at state broadcasts for new visuals of Kim Jong-un, and keep an eye on unusual flight or military activities.

    None of these tools provide a magic bullet to figure out exactly what's going on in real time. As one of the experts told me, it's important to rely on multiple sources and to not jump to conclusions.

    If you are interested to see more about how we and others use new technologies and traditional reporting to conduct investigations of closed countries such as North Korea, check out these stories:

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  3. More speculation while trying to pivot away from the Corona virus narrative as people already know, don’t want to depress themselves further, and the experiment of locking people in without financial assistance while toying with military law and vaccines did not destroy the will of the people but fortified it!

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    The New York Times panders to the rich at some point when there is so much misinformation and panic… people just can’t take anymore and won’t… They will just stop listening.

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  5. Although, searching for patterns, and relying on deductive reasoning….it's still all speculative. Let's keep it real. Thanks for the heads up though.

  6. He is Dead – NYT idiots – Yes you Christopher! We all know you want him to be alive to Nuke the USA – Not Happening!


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