Why the A-Wing was a TERRIBLE fighter for the Battle of D'Qar | Star Wars Leaks


The Resistance fielded A-Wings during the Battle of D’Qar while taking on the First Order Dreadnought in Star Wars The Last Jedi. It was terrible — I’ll explain why, and which starfighters would’ve been a better replacement, on today’s Star Wars Lore video!

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  1. Since the Resistance and First Order were not being at open war at the time. The Resistance mostly had to deal with pirates and go on reconnaisance and mercy missions. When you think of it that way those fighters are perfect choices. Even the bomber could be used to drop supplies. Which also explains the lack of B-Wings and Y-Wings

    I think it's just the fact that most of Black Squadron was lost on Starkiller meant that less were available at the time

  2. True, I think that it wasn't perfect choice, I mean it's K.K, if it's gonna attack those three Star Destroyers in background, but it's terrible for protecting bombers amd striking TIE-Fighters, because it's fast and wonerable because of much more TIE-Fighters!

  3. I believe that a mix of x wings and arc-170 star fighters would be ideal for covering bombers because the x wings are agile, while the arcs have the rear gunner for extra coverage, and both have proton torpedoes to aid in the bombing run if possible

  4. I can pretty much guarantee if you asked any of the Star Wars storytelling/business powers that be why they simply reused and tweaked X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings, and B-Wings, you wouldn't get any kind of satisfying, convincing, or even cohesive explanation.

  5. Maybe use them by saying "A-Wings" head out in front and interdict the TIE fighters. Yah know use the speed to intercept before they get in range to engage the derp bombers…

  6. I don't think this analysis was correct. A-wings could have been excellent in the battle, if used properly. Yes, they are interceptors, so use them as such. You don't use interceptors as slow escorts, they INTERCEPT things. Have them in a flanking position or flying right at the TIEs from the beginning instead of hamstringing them with staying with the heavy bombers. The TIEs aren't going to stay with the bombers at slow speeds either, any more than interceptors would in air battles of the past. They swoop in, unload on a bomber, and get the hell out for another pass. Using the A-wings to chase such fighters would work just fine since the TIEs would be focusing on the primary targets. Makes it the perfect time to use A-wings as "escorts," just not at bomber speeds.

  7. Poe should have used an A-Wing to take out those turrets, other A-Wings could give cover. Bombers escorted by X-Wing give the Imp Fleet the Rest.

  8. Using the resources available – all the fighters they had.
    A better tactic would have been to have the X-Wings only be the escort for the bombers, and the A-Wings charge ahead at full throttle to engage the Ties as they launch and keep them busy near the Dreadnaught as well as just chasing them around, so they never even get close to the bombers. They intercept the Ties.

    The bombers meanwhile are far enough apart that they don't fratricide each other when destroyed. Also spreading out the bombers a bit means that the Ties can't focus on the whole squadron at the same time with missed shots potentially hitting other bombers.

    Any Ties that don't get involved in a dance with the A-Wings and go for the bomber/X-Wing fleet will be pounced upon from behind by the A-Wings.
    The Ties have to decide whether to commit to the A-Wing battle, allowing the bombers to get closer, or go after the bombers (and their X-Wing escort), risking exposing themselves to the A-Wings jumping them from behind.

    Some A-Wings could also make strafing runs on Dreadnaught systems just to draw Ties away, with no AA working on the Dreadnaught, doing a bridge run is relatively safe, and it will bring back horrible memories to the First Order officers who may order Ties to stop them.

    They act as a mobile nuisance, not a static shield.

  9. The A-wing is an interceptor craft, and it is the perfect craft for the battle over D'Qar if idiots hadn't been involved in writing/making the scene. The entire scene was stupidity embodied. Without advancing ahead of the bombers they were protecting, they could never have prevented their certain annihilation. This wasn't a true escort mission where someone flies something from point a to point b. They were meeting the first order in orbit in what would be a battle already in progress and thus knew where the enemy was. If they had met the TIEs head on ahead of the bombers, the slower crappier x-wings would have been able to hang back and provide cover. Every single battle in this movie was done for cinematics and not for anything resembling tactics. This is from a person who flew (regular not advanced/interceptors/whatever) TIE fighters against my friends in every rebel craft in X-wing vs TIE fighter all throughout college. There were times I didn't clean their clocks when they were in A-wings, but regardless of the mission, I'd wipe the floor with them solo with me having the dumbest AIs possible in short squadrons.

  10. I don't understand why you don't tear into the New Canon stuff more since you clearly disagree with so much of it fundamentally.

  11. A-wing *interceptor*, Even in the game Decent freespace Intereceptors are designed for 2 things 1.dogfighting 2. shooting down bombs before they hit capital ships, not for covering slow bombers ,covering bombers are a job for multi role or space superiority fighters that don't rely on speed as much… heck even heavy fighters like B-wings are more adequate for protecting dedicated bombers.

    The A-wings should have been in front destroying the numericaly superior ties

  12. Another issue was keeping a tight formation with the bombers. Why couldn't the bombers be kept at a safe distance from one another? Also whoever made that A-Wing pilot be incharge of defending with a tight formation definitely needs fired.

  13. To be fair the resistance is a really terrible faction and considering it is almost an extension of the new republic navy it should be better armed but if they had to go with what they had then they should have sent the a wings in to deal with the fighters and left the x wings behind as the screening defence

  14. Its an interceptor. Its built with a focus on speed and maneuverability over firepower, basically the polar opposite of the Y-Wing which is focused on Firepower over maneuverability. Both of those kind of suck in a dogfight, a pilot is better off flying an X or B Wing.

  15. Your premise — that A-Wings suck as escort fighters compared to heavier fighters — is the exact opposite of what happened in WWII aerial combat. You know, that thing Star Wars combat is based on.

    Heavy twin-engine escort fighters got their asses handed to them by short-range German and Japanese interceptors. What was needed was a very fast, very maneuverable long-range fighter, trading away raw firepower and survivability. That's why the P-51 replaced the heavier and harder-hitting P-38 and P-47 in escort roles. The P-51 is still used today in air races because of its speed, maneuverability and endurance. The A-Wing (shields, hyperdrive) is more like an escort fighter than an "interceptor" — just because someone uses the word "interceptor" doesn't mean it's really an interceptor.

    However, what was shown in Episode 8 was closer to "interception" action, as the First Order was attacking the Resistance near its base, not the other way around. In the situation depicted, you would want speed and maneuverability. Again, the A-Wing beats the X-Wing in both categories.

    BTW, the Resistance got its ass kicked because that was the plot of a movie, not because their long-range escorts sucked. Or, if looking for an in-universe answer, the Resistance's efforts in the film shows the commanders have no grasp of battlefield deployment, and the crews (short of one pilot) are completely untrained in tactics. Because flying straight into a withering fire is suicide in general.

  16. a better question is why did they wait until the TIEs were so close to the bombers? Also why did the bombers not have a bunch of some Starwarsy version of the AIM-9? Shit even some Rattlers stolen from Star Citizen.

    They probably also should have made those bombs into torpedoes of equal yield and just dumped them in mass, Star Wars has no evident point defense systems so a crapload of torpedoes would have been way more than the TIEs could intercept.

  17. Your wrong they are perfectly suited for escort Duty they should loiter in the Back Bay only engage necessary they are interceptors they should dash in attack dash out nothing more nothing less they where missed used vastly that's all if you need proof look at the P-51s in World War II.

  18. the real problem is also that they dont give us any of the other ships its just x wings and a wings no other fighters and those star fortresses are sitting ducks those things are not something a small resistance group should try and use against a well defended enemy -they were lucky to use them and get a single high value target.

  19. A-wings – like literally anything in existence – are the perfect answer when used correctly. I won't call it a plot hole, but the use of A-wings at all seems like a massive tactical waste. They should have been at the front, doing Poe's job, while he and what X-wings they had were forming a defensive screen and making passes at the dreadnought when they could. Also, Leia's decision to leave the fighters and star fortresses to themselves played a huge part of that. Any one of those Capitol ships could have played a good defense long enough to deliver the payload. Not a "TLJ sucks" comment, but I think it's clear that the Resistance is lacking in resources, tactical competence and judicial use of what resources they have.

  20. Well, their tactics didn't help. The A-wings should have intercepted the TIEs before they reached the bombers, while X-wings should have stayed and operated as the bomber's close escort.

  21. Question: why on Earth would you want a "tight formation" (their words) of star fortresses? They don't have shields, do they? And even if they did, that tie kamikaze shows that any benefits from shield sharing (if star wars even has that) are nowhere near worth it compared to the risk. Why not have multiple vectors to spread the enemy fighters over a bigger area and give your fighters more room to work with?

  22. i suspect the reason they were chosen for d'qar is because disney's writers don't know what the fuck they're doing. they have no understanding, no regard, and no respect for the source material yet they've been given the power to make whatever they come up with 'canon'.

    however, you provided a good in-universe answer at the beginning of your video: the resistance was destitute, and a-wings were all they had.

  23. Best thing for resistance to do is to charge the bunker buster ninka forward over the dreadnought, packing all the bombers and release the bomber once it was over the dreadnought


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