Windows 10 And 8.1 Backup Driver Files And Folders – Helps Restore Windows


Windows 10 And 8.1 Backup Driver Files And Folders – Helps Restore Windows

Backing up the Windows 10 and 8.1 drivers files and folders has many
benefits. If one has driver issues one can restore the folder/files.
Also if one has an image clone using Acronis or Macrium etc. and moves
to a new computer then by backing up and restoring drivers (from the new
PC to the clone image) one might be able to get the image backup to work
on a new pc. Such can also be used to migrate old hardware to new systems.

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Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)

Hello and welcome back to one more from videos in this world and a look
at how to back up our driver locations where drivers are stored on the
computer okay associates is stored basically most the drivers a case
basically in this PC C drive Windows system32 drivers and driver stores
if you were to basically copies to folders and save them some a USB
stick or whatever your most of the way there now that is device manager
okay just over a year typing device okay manager just open up and this
window pops up and now you’ll find okay now there will be some shall we
say identified were already that have basically the special software or
drivers and are stored in other locations besides those two folders okay
I hope you find that out again after the annual big but basically click
on properties okay and then once again this year you can the general tab
the driver and then driver details and this will list all the file
locations where they are okay so basically make a manual copy of all
those files and where they are and then you can always in the event
something goes wrong basically restart the computer either in recovery
mode or any other safe mode et cetera and then basically restore the two
folders and restore individual other files as well okay this also is
good in case let’s assume you mean a system image of this using acronyms
or Macri or whatever I get and you basically have everything set up
properly on that unfortunately the computer using the hardware fails to
my new computer and you try and put that image on the new computer will
have problems because basically the drivers of that the different
however you might be able to come I shall we say get halfway there using
the same technique over here on that install a completely blank new
windows is a simple windows okay install all the whatever copy these
drivers located folders and all that the driver files from the new
computer okay to your USB drive then restore imagefile okay to the
computer and then put those driver files okay into the summary say the
restore image is amazingly overwriting your previous drives drivers with
the new ones hopefully that makes sense is very simple thanks for watching



  1. You Did Not Explain how to extract them. does one double click. I've seen friends type something and Presto! anyway guess I'll ask them. you did explain well. I've always saved to a flash drive then to desktop, then via device manager update drivers one by one. got to learn that Presto-Change-O! i will give a Like, OLE!

  2. hi i just bought new ram (8gb x2) for my pc but when i installed them and checked how much ram i had, it said "16gb (2.99gb usable)" so googled it and it turns out that i have a 32bit win10 and i need to upgrade it to a 64bit one in order to use the 16gb ram but if i upgrade it i will lose all the drivers and files. i got this pc as a gift so i don't have any driver. what should i do? i don't know what drivers to download, i already backed up my files manually. thanks

  3. Windows 10 And 8.1 Backup Driver Files And Folders – Helps Restore Windows

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