Windows 10 Backup: How To Restore Your System Image On A New Drive





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  1. can i just back up 1 partition image (C and boot partition)and restore to say suppose c drive and keep the rest of partitions not formatted,like an upgrade or reset?

  2. I hate to sound like a repeat, but three years later your video saved me. Hours of researching, forums and much more after having located and replaced my motherboard and doing a ton of other fixes..that didn't. Your information allowed me to get my PC back up and running. The link to the MS tool was what I needed as I had backups and couldn't get it to work for a week. I was on the verge of throwing a great PC (HP Omen) against the wall and purchasing a new one until I found this and was able to load windows onto my new 1tb ssd. Saved me a new PC and although a ton of headaches it's now over.

  3. How do you change your boot up process?? And this would work if i had a system image and then went and bought a new laptop and wanted to have everything all set up on my new one??

  4. My laptop hard disk (Windows 10) crashed. Have an older System Image created from Windows (7) option. Replaced hard disk & installed Windows 10. When trying to restore System image, Windows says "Image not found" though the USB which has the image is connected and displays in Explorer.
    Kindly help!!!

  5. I just wanted to be able to clone my OS to a new SSD drive. I knew there was a way to do it through the recovery menu using a recovery drive, but wasn't sure how and all the guides I could find referred to third party software. I already had a recovery drive because my primary HDD started to fail and a few weeks ago I did a fresh install on a secondary drive, which is already 10 years old. I decided the best move would be to move everything to an SSD, and I am pretty sure I can use this method to do so.

  6. If I have 2 disk slots inside my laptop (HDD and SSD) and I would want to move the OS to my SSD (Current OS is on HDD), do I have to disconnect the HDD first before booting from the BIOS or could I just uncheck it in the "format" options? And then when it boots on SSD I could just format the HDD on the Disk Management settings?

    I'm asking because my hard drive is pretty much stuck in its caddy with two insanely stripped screws that took me 4 hours to try and remove but to no avail.

  7. Excuse me sir, i just want to ask this before i restoring my computer. If I follow your video, are we need to instal driver like vga card or anything after restoring? Or everything like driver is included in restoring iso then after we restoring that iso we re just no need to worry about instalation driver? So sorry about my english and thanks for your answer

  8. I created a system image from Windows 10 on to an external drive. When I click on the system image, I dont see the OS or other stuff at all. What should the files be?

  9. I don't get it. I've restore server backups by the dozens. Never had a problem with server. This is the first time I've ever had to restore a Win10 backup. After the format warning I get a message saying it can't find a suitable SYSTEM drive to restore to. Makes no sense. Backup is from a 500GB drive. Restoring to a 1TB drive. I've tried multiple drives. I even went to another working system, backed that up and attempted to restore it and I get the same exact message.

  10. My HDD is plugged in with WindowsImageBackup on it yet after scanning I am told "Windows cannot find a system image on this computer". How can I fix this

  11. I connected my usb sata, but in my boot it doesn't say from what hdd i whant to boot…. Can someone say how i can fix this

  12. Thank YOU! didn't know I could just do it from that installation disk. saves me so much time where I don't have to reinstall EVERYTHING… wow, thank you thank you thank you for making the information available in this format!

  13. Hello thanks for the great video. Just to clarify – This keeps all your files and programs right? So essentially you can use this to upgrade to a new Drive?

  14. I read the Microsoft docs and other documentations, YouTube videos too, but this video is the best simple working explanation so far.

  15. PLEASE HELP…. ANYBODY. I made a windows system image of my old windows 10 laptop, to an external hard drive. This was for reparation of the laptop. I was then told that my latop was unrepairable, and got a new laptop; now, the system image of my old laptop on my external hard disk drive will not be restored to my new laptop. DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS?

    The difference with this video, is that the system image is created using this tool, on a usb stick. I did not do that obviously, no knowing I would never see my laptop back.

    Please help, there is 6 years of work that will be lost if I lose this image….

  16. When did you select the new drive………….. You just went through the normal process? You never selected the new drive. Going through this process just restores to the original drive and not the new nvme drive I installed.

  17. I always thought that a backup with system image on a 2nd drive on the pc is all that's needed, and one can just boot from the that backup. Is the usb installation media always necessary?

  18. I have created the disk image and want to install in the new external drive but its not showing the option for other drive, what can I do

  19. Thanks for all the help! Just installed a 970 PRO with the windows drive and almost had a panic attack. After re-installing the original SSD and getting everything I needed, I was good to go. I had no troubles after following all your steps and I now up and running again. Thanks so much for all the help!!!

  20. When I choose to boot from my USB the laptop just boots normally and I don't get the windows setup. I also noticed that I do not have the MediaMeta file, is that important? Please help


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