Yonex All England Open 2017 | Badminton QF M5-MS | Lin Dan vs Viktor Axelsen


Yonex All England Open 2017
World Superseries Premier
Match 5 – MS | Lin Dan vs Viktor Axelsen

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  1. i strongly suggest BadmintonWorldtv change the male commentator. His comments are not making sense in every way. Please change to someone who is not so bias when a danis player is playing

  2. Such baised commentary tho🙄.. Victor is good!! But he can't even touch prime Lin Dan!! Lin dan naturally getting slow due to age n now he almost done!! But legend never dies.. Greatest of all time!!

  3. Every player has its time when he is in his prime.young and energetic..LCW, Lin Dan has played so amazing in their prime. You can see lack or energy and determination because they are not as young as VK.

  4. I don't like lin-dan,
    But I have to say there is no one can play like this in this age… fucking impossible…
    fucking amazing…
    and Viktor has no any sportsmanship and very rude, Lin Dan is senior in badminton…


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