Yonex All England Open 2017 | Badminton SF M2-MS | Lee Chong Wei vs Chou Tien Chen


Yonex All England Open 2017
World Superseries Premier
Match 2 – MS | Lee Chong Wei vs Chou Tien Chen

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  1. When i see young player like CTC fight against lcw , now i reliaze that age is not a factor …in badminton,skill,stamina work together…go go datuk lcw…live begin at 40

  2. Ctc's smashes are inefficient, maybe because his smash is too straightforward. His play style drains him pretty fast, I think he should improve in other areas like front court techniques.

  3. People say that ctc is only lack of stamina to win lcw, but u guys see that first round lcw didn't use all his strength, until second round lcw become more aggressive

  4. Chou tien chen had corns in his foot in the first game so his rhythm was weird and LCW couldn't handle it. Later, LCW adjusted his gamepplay and won easily.

  5. CTC issue is always his stamina. He is a skillful player, very talented. You can see his shot are accurate and deceptive. If he can improve his fitness and good strategy to win points with less energy (trick shot and shot gameplay), he could be a way better player.


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